Thursday, 23 January 2014

Tour of the gantry

On the Sunday we had a tour around the treatment room at the Proton Therapy Institute. The picture below is the room where Joel will have his treatment. It's showing the bed where Joel has to lay still, whilst the big drum rotates around him and panels come out to take X-rays of the position of the proton beams. The video here is Joel's little song about Proton Beam Therapy. He talks about going to Argos to choose toys, but he means Toys 'R' Us - more bribery! Argh! We are not allowed to go into the room with Joel. He is taken down the corridor on his own. He then has to scan his badge, use the restroom, change into comfy pants, then choose a snuggle blanket before getting up onto the couch to start his treatment.



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