Thursday, 23 January 2014

Time off for treatment planning

The rest of the week we had no further appointments as they put together his treatment plan, and manufactured the cups to direct the beams to the correct places to target his particular tumour location.

We took the opportunity to travel south a couple of hours to Cocoa Beach, where we stayed for a short break by the beach. We could feel ourselves relax as soon as we got there. It had been a hectic previous week. We had all been stressed and tired from the flight and all of the appointments and conversations with the doctors. Joel had been acting horribly last week, but by the end of our time at Cocoa Beach he was back to his cheerful self. I felt like it was the first time I've properly relaxed since he became ill in January 2013. We slept lots and got lots of fresh sea air. We had good sunshine, on par with our summer sun. Wetsuits needed and coats when the wind blew, but enough sun to catch a bit of colour.

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