Wednesday, 7 May 2014

MRI done and dusted...for now!

He did it! He managed the MRI without an anaesthetic, and didn't go crazy about the canula. Our hard work paid off! I should never have doubted him. Though without the preparations it'd be a different story.

The canula was going to be the biggy for him, and he hated even the look of the magic cream, so I was a little cunning. Over a number of days before his scan date, I'd go into his school at lunchtime and put the cream and dressings on him. I'd do it after he'd eaten but before play time started - that way he was desperate to play and any fuss that he made just delayed his playtime. Once the cream was on, he had playtime to distract him from the discomfort of the dressings. It worked a treat. He'd come home, amazed that the backs of his hands were numb. He thought it was 'magic' how he could scratch himself and not feel it! I mean this is what I'd been saying all along to him...that's why they call it magic cream! But, I guess sometimes you just can't trust your mum, you have to find out for yourself! So, after a couple of times he trusted that yes, indeed, the magic cream did work.

On the big day then, he let me put cream in four different places, insides of both arms and backs of both hands. Good advice from the play team - put it in every possible place. His veins are pretty difficult to see, so the night before I gave him a hot bath and then put ink dots where I could see his veins, as I was scared that I'd put the cream in the wrong place! When I applied the cream that day I was shaking as I was so nervous. It felt like such a responsibility. It will be easier next time I'm sure.

It was worth putting that much cream on as his hands were useless and one arm wouldn't keep the canula in, it kept slipping back out, so they had to do it again on the other arm. He had a lovely bruise the next day.

I secretly dosed him up with some Benadryl mixed in with milkshake, a trick I learnt from the team in America. If it's a one off he doesn't notice! This makes him drowsy. It worked a treat as once he was in the scanner and had got over his initial panic and had a cry, he fell asleep. Awesome! It helped too that he was absolutely exhausted. He also stayed asleep whilst they injected the contrast dye through his wiggly. I don't think he would have liked that.

I stayed with him during the scan and was able to hold his hand throughout. He had 'Flop the dog' his Proton buddy, and his snuggle blanket to keep him safe. His other 'Doggy' had to stay in the locker as he has metal inside him!

 Back upstairs to have the canula removed and job done. I won't say it was easy, but he endured it. He was happy once he received the Skylander Giants character that he was promised. It made it all worthwhile for him!

I think it was an amazing achievement on his part, and a huge relief for me.