Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Side effects or obnoxious 5 year old?!

Joel was so angry with life today. He has been like this a few times now and it makes me so sad. I don't know it it's tiredness, fear or just that he's growing up and learning to be obnoxious and vile! Who knows? Let's hope it won't last and my delightful, sunny boy will return soon!
I've found it hard the last few days seeing him go off for his treatment. I always feel a bit sick as he goes off and then you keep checking your watch, wondering how he's doing and waiting for him to be brought back out.
He's had early morning slots this week, out of the door by 6 am! We were told this morning that he is much better in the morning, more sedate and relaxed! I think we are still adjusting to the routine after a few late mornings last week!
Early morning is good but it does make it hard to find things to entertain the boys. It was really cold today, they were expecting snow but it was just rain. Such bizarre weather here in Jacksonville, it can switch between our summer and winter temperatures in a matter of days.
Joel has lost his appetite a bit. All of a sudden there are so many foods he won't eat. Lucky he's a chunky monkey!


  1. Thank you so much for the updates, I check every day! Am so thrilled that all is going well so far - long may it continue. Love to you all, Louise x

  2. William has been obnoxious since he started school. Now he has changed schools to The C of E school where he was at nursery, along with us banning CITV (horrid henry, flea bag monkey face etc) he has been lovely. Joel is probably tired with the early starts. Gill xxxx