Thursday, 9 January 2014

Our journey


Our journey started on Sunday 5th January, when we got the train from Redruth to Heathrow. The storm was due to hit and the train company was advising travel on the Saturday instead. We decided to risk the Sunday as there was no way we were going to be ready on the Saturday.
Saturday morning was spent packing and then we had a steady stream of visitors throughout the afternoon.

Fortunately the train was not affected by the predicted storm so we got to our hotel that night without mishap. We even managed to get a swim in before trying to settle the kids to sleep, ready for their big adventure the following day.


  1. Glad you made it ok. Lots of love xxx

  2. Dearest Martin, Ali, Thomas and beautiful, gorgeous, cheeky Joel!!

    I popped into Penair today to say hi to everyone hoping to catch you but alas you have already departed! I was hoping to see you because Finn has outgrown several more dinosaurs that go with the one he gave Joel a while back - and whilst having the pre-Christmas bedroom clean up he asked if Mummy could give them to her friend at work who had a poorly boy - so they can help him be strong!! So please tell Joel that when he gets back to England there are an army of dinosaurs from Finn waiting for him!!

    I just wanted to wish you all the very best of luck - I am glad to hear you have arrived safely and was really pleased when Linda said you had set up this blog! You are all truly inspiring for the strength and courage you have shown and I wanted you to know that you are all in my thoughts daily and I wish you all the love and luck in the world!
    Look forward to hearing from you all and am glad to see you arrived safely and unscathed by the storm!
    With much love Lynsey xx

  3. Hey guys! Great to see the hulk in full glory. Joel looks amazing in that costume. You have all been in our thoughts a lot. Really nice to see some pics of the boys on the train. Hope you have settled in a bit and got to know your way around too. It's pouring down again here but yesterday was lovely and sunny. Our kids are keen to send messages to the boys, so we'll try that next time. Have had to get new computer which is fast and fab so it will be really easy to keep in touch.

    Hoping the treatment is going well and you are all getting used to new routines. Lots of love to you all, Sarah D, J, Fxxx