Thursday, 30 January 2014

Quick thought on the day

'It' s not fair Mummy, you get the easy part and I get the hard part. I don't like doing this.' My dear little boy. You are so wise for your years, outwardly so strong but inside you are such a fragile thing.


  1. Wishing you and Joel all the strength and spirit possible, to see this smoothly through to the end.
    It's been tear jerking, interesting, humbling and grounding reading back all of your blog... (my daughter only just mentioned this evening to look you guys up)

    I am so happy that you are getting to spend some quality family time together whilst in Jacksonville.

    Very best Wishes
    Toni, Hannah, William, Archie & George :) xxx

  2. Hi there! I have to echo the above comment. Reading your updates are both engrossing and heartrenching at the same time. Love the comments about Martin not keeping an eye on the plate painting - made me laugh!! Keep your strength up guys and hang on in there during the sticky moments. Not much changes at Penair. Your 'stand in' Martin is coping well and has settled into the role with a very laid back approach but it's not the same without you in department though! Mind you Nick Powley nearly burnt the place down the other day no doubt you'll hear all about it on your return. The weather here has been dreadful with massive storms which continue to batter the coastline. The Watering Hole at Perranporth is expected to end up in the sea but fingers crossed this doesn't happen. Meg at Seacore has produced a bouncing baby boy 9lb 7oz ouch!! Anyway look forward to hearing more on Joel's progress, take care

    Elaine & Pete xx