Thursday, 16 January 2014

The weekend

The weekends are ours to do as we wish, so this is about our first weekend there, just before his eye and neuro cognition test.

On the Saturday we drove down to the beach at St. Augustine. It was really nice here. The vibe was very chilled out. We happened across a little cafe right next to the beach, so we just had to stop. The kids were able to run off down to the sand whilst waiting for our drinks.

Have I mentioned super sized before? I can't remember, but when ordering a coke, I didn't expect one this big!

We had a really nice day, and are hoping we can continue to have good weekends.


  1. I think it shows a higher IQ thinking of iguanas before pigs and cats...He's looking so smiley in these pictures. Thinking of you every day. xxxx Gill

  2. What a brave little boy you have. Thoughts and prayers are with you all. Jackie (Penair) xx