Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Our final weekend

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a blur. Joel has got progressively more tired and irritable, and consequently trying to deal with the arguments between Thomas and Joel has been exhausing! We've all been wiped out with chesty coughs and colds, and Martin ended up with an ear and chest infection. Normal for winter I know but unexpected whilst in Florida! Curse whoever gave it to us!
The coughs and colds have lingered but we had to make the most of our final weekend in Florida so last weekend we headed down to the Ocala National Forest, north of Orlando. It was pretty. We swam in Salt Springs, a natural pool created by three springs where water bubbles up at 72 degrees. Beyond the swimming area was a lake where we were lucky enough to see a few enormous manatees bobbing up for air.
We stayed in a lodge on a campsite overlooking Lake Kerr. A nice change from Orlando hotels. It was beautifully peaceful.

A few nice pictures of cheeky brother Thomas, who was once shy and is no longer. He has really grown whilst we've been away, and is now quite a handful. He's learnt from his older brother!

Whilst Joel was too scared to climb the fallen tree, Thomas got right in there.
The view of Lake Kerr from our BBQ spot - toasted marshmallows whilst the sun set.

The best of a whole bunch of 'selfies'! Joel being as crazy as ever.

Joel did a bit more resting this weekend, but Thomas was busy in the play area.

We've had to be careful not to lose sight of Thomas in all of this, so just a cute one for the record. He's such a silly sausage and almost as crazy as Joel.

Joel is still the biggest show off though! Always busy dancing.

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