Saturday, 22 March 2014

Joel's mind

Joel seems to have more energy now than he did before Christmas. I don't know how that is. I expect it's purely that he's had a really good rest, and he managed to be more active in America, so he's built up his stamina. Before Christmas he didn't have the energy to go out at play time, he couldn't walk to school, he couldn't do anything after school, and he needed vast amounts of food to give him energy. Last week, he cycled to school twice and walked a couple of times! Amazing! He wants to join a dance club, a gymnastics club and a football club, oh..and a swim club.. he wants to do everything. By the end of the school day though, he's wiped out, and there's no way he could walk home, he can only just make it to the car!

I remember him saying in America, when his treatment had finished, something like 'Well it's good that my treatment is all done, that means I can have a happy healthy life now'. It's interesting how his mind must work to process it all. It was only last week that he said 'Mummy, if I didn't have radiotherapy would I have died?'

I still haven't got rid of this cold virus that Martin and I picked up in the States. My ears in particular are blocked, and I think Joel must be getting it, as not only is he now coughing like me, but I think his ears must be playing up. He said tonight that they were ringing, then yesterday he said that he could hear voices in his ears, and 'was it the bad cells talking?' Funny how his mind works.

He has been so brave, and yet he gets scared over the smallest things. He doesn't want to use the bathroom on his own, he doesn't want to be downstairs on his own. This week he ran out of school with the receptionist to find me, as he realised he hadn't said goodbye properly. He was in hysterics at school when the fire bell went, beside himself ...he doesn't want to be left at his friends party...the list could go on. Funny how he took the treatment all in his stride. My brave soft boy!

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