Saturday, 22 March 2014


Wow, how has two weeks gone since we got home?

Joel has continued to be amazing. We arrived home on the Friday evening and he was desperate to go to school the following day! So, on the Monday he went to school. He woke up desperately keen and excited, but later started to panic saying, 'What if everyone is now better than me?', 'What if I don't know the answers'. He managed the whole week, going in late and coming home early - 'Get me there for morning play time Mummy', 'Pick me up at the end of afternoon play time Mummy'. Sorry Miss Philpott, but I don't think he was too bothered about the lessons, he just wanted to play! By the Friday, Joel had gained 'Star of the Week', and a disco party was held for all of the infants during 'Golden Time' to celebrate his return. A perfect opportunity for a reappearance of 'the Hulk!'

He was ever so proud to have won a football eraser during musical statues. I mean come on, who else was going to beat him when it came to staying still?! Wasn't really a fair game for the others now was it?!

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