Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Magic Kingdom

 Saturday was our day at Magic Kingdom. We were at the park by 8am after breakfast at the hotel - Mickey shaped waffles! Thomas also chose Fruit Loops - can this really be classed as food? Chemicals in a bowl I think.

We didn't manage to get birthday cake yesterday, so by mid morning it was time for a coffee and cake to celebrate. America has been one long eat-a-thon.

The highlights of the day were watching the street parade and a show about Mickey and his friends making dreams come true. Now, we've never really been into all the Disney characters and we weren't too sure what our Disney experience would be like, but it was actually a very poignant moment and suprisingly emotional as we listened to how everyone has a dream and how Mickey makes them come true. My dream was for Joel.


Knowing that we were here because of everyone's generosity made the whole weekend even more emotional as we would never have done this as a family if we weren't in this situation.

Joel danced along to the street party, doing his crazy dancing, in his own little world. Look out for him in the grey stripey jumper wiggling his tailfeathers along with Donald duck!Meanwhile Martin and I had all kinds of thoughts just whizzing through our heads. An emotional day, but a good one.



  1. Great to see him having fun. Love Rich

  2. He has had so much fun! I haven't managed to post much these last couple of weeks though as we've been doing a lot of fire fighting - he is so tired and gets grumpy with it!! Exhausting for us! Intending on posting our last few blogs before we fly home on Thursday. Thinking of you guys - sorry we've been a bit useless with facebook. Hope you're all well. xx