Sunday, 8 December 2013

Joel's Journey


Joel is the 5 year old son of Martin and Alison Erents. Earlier this year Joel was diagnosed with a brain tumour.It is in his brain stem, making it too dangerous to operate.Joel underwent major brain surgery in April to relieve the fluid that had dangerously been building up.He recovered amazingly from this and soon returned to school.Within 6 months he has had 6 brain scans, 4 general anaesthetics, and around 20 hospital appointments.Throughout this he has been an absolute star.He has taken it all in his stride.

Unfortunately in October his scan showed that the tumour has grown.As part of Joel’s treatment he needs to travel to America to have Proton Beam Therapy.This is a form of radiotherapy.Traditional radiotherapy has major impacts on a growing brain, whereas this treatment aims to target the tumour directly.

The service from the NHS has been fantastic and they are funding the treatments, basic living costs and flights for Joel and both parents to stay in Florida for 8 weeks whilst Joel receives his treatment.Joel will need treatment at the hospital 5 days a week for 6 weeks.He will have to lie absolutely still whilst the treatment is carried out, otherwise he will need to have a general anaesthetic for each of the 30 treatments.

This blog has been set up to keep people up to date with Joel's journey. We have had phenominal support from friends and family and the staff of the NHS. We have also had amazing support from the Governors, Staff and Students of Penair School, Humphry-Davy School and Treleigh School. In addition to this a local Falmouth business have agreed to help fund the flight of Thomas Erents.

The Erents family are eternally grateful for all of this support being able to focus on Joel at this time rather than worrying about finances is a true blessing and we truly thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts.


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